Roger Wagner's HyperStudio 5

A Special Offer for Parents

Purchase a copy of HyperStudio 5 for home use for just $20.

Because your child's school is using HyperStudio 5, you are eligible to purchase a "home use" copy of the software at a dramatically discounted price — just $20 for a single-computer license! The software you will receive is not limited in any way. It is the same full software package that your child is using in class.

How the home use program works:
  • Step 1. Complete the form below.
  • Step 2. Click Submit. You will be taken to an offer page.
  • Step 3. Purchase a copy of HyperStudio for home use.
That's it! If you selected a download, you will be emailed a link to the latest version of the product and a license certificate with a registration number. If you chose to get a jewel case, please allow
3-5 days for delivery.

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